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What is Tack ATTACK? We’re glad you asked!

Tack ATTACK is a fully biodegradable glue and label remover.

Tack ATTACK is an environmentally-friendly product based on ingredients that are sourced where possible from natural materials and plants, fruit and seed-based materials and derivatives of them. SO IT WON’T HARM YOUR SKIN!

Available in 245 mL and 500 mL sizes. Just spray Tack ATTACK on any surface and in a few seconds labels come right off. It’s the perfect solution for: Removing Gift Price Tags • Removing Stickers • Removing Labels • Removing Old, Glued-on Paper • Cleaning Stainless Steel …and a whole lot more!

There Are Many Uses For Tack ATTACK

Tack ATTACK Removes:
• glue residues from labels and stickers;
• crayon marks from walls and furniture;
• rubber puck marks from walls and arena glass;
• rubber marks on hockey equipment;
• rubber bumper marks on boat hulls;
• oily, greasy and sticky residues on equipment and tools;
• asphalt, blacktop and tar residues on clothes, boots, hands and equipment;
• decals off cars, trucks and sporting equipment;
• baked-on glue residues;
• floor tile adhesives and residues;
• old stickers on appliances;
• fiberglass shower stickers;
• tape residues on hockey and sports equipment;
• rubber shoe sole marks on floors, walls and baseboard trim;
• adhesive from bandages – cloth types only, NOT plastic ones;
• grease from clothing – spray, then launder normally;
• PINE TREE SAP – absolutely the best material for removing this safely!

Printing industry – removes glue residues from printing rollers – far safer than existing solvents.
Beauty industry – removes wax from wax pots and equipment.

And Tack ATTACK is a stainless steel cleaner and polish!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with Tack ATTACK biodegradable glue and label remover, return the product for a refund of product price.

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Tack Attack Label and Adhesive Remover